Simplified Workflow Orchestration With Automated Tools

Now ensure smart workflows in the organization with rapid development, easy maintenance, and a simplified approach on Stackyon. Our automation tools cultivate collaborative synergies between business leaders and IT teams.

A Comprehensive World of Automated Tools

Now manage everything from a single interface. Orchestrate your people, systems, data, and intelligent applications on a visually enhanced workflow. The low-code approach simplifies business processes with reusable components that can be stacked together via a drag-and-drop interface. 

Actions, users, triggers, and alerts can be centrally managed in the workflow at any time. On Stackyon, you can rapidly build workflows by binding thousands of actions. Our platform is not only for the creation of workflows but also for dynamic routing. You can easily manage approval/information flow while developing a routing process for the stakeholders. Apart from this, messaging and event triggers are also enabled while generating automatic navigation flows.

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Drive the Process with Drag and Drop Design

Object fields in the forms can be easily created by utilizing the drag-and-drop visual interface on Stackyon. It reduces your dependency on the UX teams while designing custom applications. The simple drag-and-drop page builder layer sits above the data layer and allows you to process different information blocks.
With the Process Orchestration Engine, you can assign tasks, notify users, browse and classify data, and define the entire process visually. Our drag-and-drop interface offers multiple forms, sophisticated layouts, and unique styles. You can also integrate it with disparate data sources to customize your forms. Stacking up multiple building blocks using drag-and-drop can help you implement common UI patterns.
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Develop Workflows Visually

Stackyon has unique visual IDE features that enable users to select objects from a list of options and drag and drop them. It is a visual experience with minimal coding where users can create workflows, set properties, draft relationships, and define events, actions, and data models.

Once they complete the workflows, your users can easily build, test, and deploy applications in any environment, whether on the cloud or on-premises. Powered with modeling capabilities, Stackyon uses built-in components to transform any information into forms that are intuitive, comprehensible, and easy to use for regular business users.

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Transform your Workflows with Automation

With Stackyon, you can centralize and streamline critical tasks like connecting processes, creating standards, and automating manual processes. It also lets you access standardized forms and portals with all the information and controls for designing the workflows.

Integration of existing and new business applications is easy with centralized and smart process orchestration in Stackyon. Build decisive automation rules, as required by specific departments like human resources, finance, marketing, and sales. Strategic actions are enabled through a single interface that facilitates one view for everyone in the organization. You can also build complex import/export functions, messaging, trigger, and alert systems per your business requirements.

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Build Dynamic Routing Patterns

Stackyon makes it easier to design routing logic for complex process configurations. Building advanced routing patterns to enable efficient processes is as easy as working on a spreadsheet format with our visual interface. 

Simply direct your routing process and information flow dynamically to specified user groups and install controls at every step. Navigation controls can be automated depending on the access given in the workflow. Stackyon’s workflow logic and business rules engine let you manage automatic triggering and alert systems. Any internal user in the organization can create a process with the self-service workflow logic.

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Customize New Rules Visually

Anyone familiar with spreadsheet management can easily customize in-built rules and create new ones with Stackyon’s Rule Builder. Achieve a highly dynamic behaviour and apply these business rules to several web services, APIs, and third-party services.

Our Rule Builder simplifies incomprehensible rules and lets you edit or add new ones according to the processes and operating conditions.

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Build Automated Communication

The Publish and Subscribe messaging queue on Stackyon is a massively scalable and well-distributed system that connects internal and external users. You can dynamically define the messaging steps, alerts, and responses throughout the system.

It allows easy identification of effective nodes to transfer notifications for process completion or further action. Experience efficiency and functionality with automated SMS and e-mail reminders and notifications. Its automated response also enables real-time communications and complex flows.

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