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Stackyon Offers Customized Deployment Options for Individual Business Needs

Enjoy complete freedom to choose any option that suits your unique requirements with our Cloud-agnostic and Cloud-native architecture. You can easily scale horizontally or vertically while ensuring superior performance and security controls. Our high availability and scalability infrastructure options let you compete and

address your needs at scale. Are you worried about Data Privacy and Data Security? Would you prefer an On-Prem Solution? Just ask!

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Private Cloud

Launch your resources in a logically isolated virtual network. Private cloud gives you complete control over your virtual networking environment, including your IP address range, creation of subnets, and configuration of route tables and network gateways. You can use IPv4 and IPv6 for most resources in your virtual private cloud and ensure secure access to resources and applications.

Easily customize your VPC’s network configuration and create a public-facing subnet for your web servers having access to the internet. It also lets you place your backend systems, such as databases or application servers, in a private-facing subnet without internet access. Leverage multiple layers of security, including security groups and network access control lists, to control access to instances in each subnet.

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Public Cloud

Utilize our fully virtualized environment and high bandwidth network to run your applications. We can provide a multi-tenant framework that enables you to share your infrastructure and computing resources for lower operational costs with other businesses.

Every business and its data is logically separated and remains isolated from the data of other businesses that may share the infrastructure. 

Rapidly expand your cloud capacity and resources to meet the rising user demands and traffic spikes. Enjoy greater redundancy and higher availability, as our service partners offer various, logically separated cloud locations. In addition, we generate faster connectivity between cloud services and end-users via the network interfaces, all at prices that were not possible in traditional infrastructure setups.

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Hybrid Cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud deployment option can help you run and manage your applications wherever they need to reside. While most applications can run in the cloud, some need to remain on-premise or in a specific location due to low latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements.

Security and tax regulations, data security, and regulatory requirements may compel businesses to store data in a specific country or state. This is especially true in highly regulated industries like Healthcare and Financial Services. Large enterprises that generate enormous amounts of data may need data sets to be processed locally. It is challenging to migrate them to the cloud due to high costs, size, bandwidth, and time constraints. Our Hybrid Deployment offering easily addresses these challenges and meets the specific requirements of your business.
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Multi-Cloud Deployment

An organization’s risk mitigation strategies may require you to avoid reliance on one or two separate Cloud Infrastructure Providers. Our Multi-cloud deployment solution lets you eliminate the application downtime from object storage service failure by having strongly consistent replicas in another cloud or location and avoiding vendor lock-in.

You can also optimize your multi-cloud strategy and business performance by taking advantage of the best-performing capabilities of each cloud. 

Use LiveData for MultiCloud to replicate your data across multiple AWS S3, S3-compatible, and Azure Blob Storage endpoints. Act on objects or blobs in any location and ensure that LiveData for MultiCloud maintains data consistency among replicas. Your applications can continue to use, create and modify data in your buckets or containers while LiveData for MultiCloud replicates your data between storage services, locations, or regions.

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On-Prem Deployment

While such requirements are rare, in some instances, you may require your application to run on your premises or data center. Stackyon comprehends your specific requirements and configures them according to your organization’s other internal systems and the hardware, software, and other infrastructure necessary to perform efficiently.

Our world-class team of experienced and dedicated hardware engineers and software professionals can quickly architect, build and deploy Stackyon as per your specifications and requirements.

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