Seamlessly Customize Existing Applications

Stay flexible amidst the constantly changing business conditions by updating existing processes in a fraction of time without affecting the core application.

Prevent Business Challenges with Stackyon

Traditional technologies and legacy applications consume your business growth with inevitable challenges. That’s why application customization is the need of the hour to adapt to the constant market changes.

Cost of Enhancements

Despite the latest programming framework, the cost of building applications is high since you need custom coding at all tiers.

Technology Limitations

Applications built on particular technologies like AS400 and Universe have limitations for enhancements. For instance, exposing the services externally through a web interface will attract manual interventions and information craters.

Demand and Competition

Traditional application development slows the process of adapting to market demand and expectations.

Rigid Software Applications

Standardized processes, proprietary scripting languages, and tightly coupled application tiers make applications rigid and inflexible. As a result, making changes becomes difficult and susceptible to increasing technical debt.

Vendor Dependency

Vendor dependency and maintenance cost exponentially rise as you need specialized resources skilled with proprietary languages and frameworks for commercial off-the-shelf products.

Skills Shortage

Any traditional application enhancement requires rare and varied skills, such as UI developers, core development analysts, and database analysts, who are expensive and hard to find.

Become a Pioneer of Business Evolution with Hyper Customization - 20x Faster

Stackyon allows you to configure new processes or change and enhance existing ones without touching the core applications. Our application connection modules provide multiple choices and visual tools to connect your core applications and build processes. The intelligent data modeling module automatically understands the core systems, data model. It provides drag-and-drop tools to create processes, schedule jobs for data processing, and generate advanced reports for analysis. It performs all these functions while keeping your core system’s data within its database.

Business Benefits

Customize your applications to meet the fast-paced business evolution and get an edge above others. Give your business the Stackyon advantage.

Configurable APIs

Configure new APIs to provide data or consume APIs without a single line of code.

Process Orchestrations

Orchestrate business processes on top of your core systems to provide enhanced processing features.

Data Watchers

Add data watchers to track changes in real time and build processes around the data.

Data Transformers

Seamlessly pull data from your core systems in real-time and transform it as needed for visualizing and processing.

Secure Data Connection

Seamlessly and securely connect to your core data systems and add enhancements.

Scheduled Processors

Configure scheduled jobs to parse, poll for data in databases, and process effectively.

Transforming field management for factory inspection

An inspection company had a core internal system to document observations from inspections and schedule follow-ups. The inspectors used paper to record these observations at the site, then manually entered the insights into the core internal system to generate a report. Additionally, the inspectors needed to automate a follow-up schedule and required manual reminders. Finally, Stackyon built a web-based system accessible through browsers and mobile devices. It enabled the inspectors to enter the observations directly into the system. The data is pushed to the core system, thus allowing the inspection report to be generated in real-time for clients. With this, inspectors could also schedule a follow-up on their devices and receive automatic reminders via their daily roster schedule.