Boost Your Flexibility With Stackyon’s Powerful Configuration Management

Achieve high performance with increased flexibility and adaptability. Our configuration engine eliminates technical challenges and makes your application future-proof as you scale up or adapt to the evolving market conditions.

Get an Edge Above the Rest with Extreme Configuration and Iterative A/B Testing Capabilities

Whether you plan to scale your applications from 10 to 5,000 or introduce new service offerings, Stackyon ensures flexibility. 

It uses the right strategy to trace all your application dependencies and present you with a single point of reference. You can manage complex business processes and logic with our easy-to-visualize Orchestration Engine and trace any changes and inherent interdependencies. With our robust Configuration Editing, you can simplify error tracing, location, and resolution.

Eliminating errors or fixing bugs is as easy as pie on our platform.

With Stackyon’s Configuration Management Engine, you can identify and track individual configuration items, document functional capabilities, and dependencies, enforce the desired configuration stage and provide timely alerts for any deviations. Additionally, you can avoid management challenges by predicting the impact of configuration and system changes well in advance.

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Define Configuration Rules

You can pull together modules, communicate with workflow participants, including third parties, define role controls, and set up simple or highly complex business rules. It depends on whether you want to adopt full automation or prefer human

intervention, followed by verification and validation before initiating the next step in the process.

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Set Up User Authorization

Stackyon enables you to install and control access permissions at a granular level. It uses Role Based Access Controls and Multi-Factor Authentication for application

access and data security and management. The access is defined by the roles and responsibilities of every employee in the organization. In addition, we have taken a granular approach to obfuscate and mask data at a field and object level to ensure that critical information is available only on a need-to-know basis, thus protecting the data from being compromised.

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Monitor Service Level Agreements

Measuring and reporting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is a challenging process. Businesses also find it hard to configure and change them on other platforms.

However, our robust Configuration Engine permits effortless tracking, monitoring, and reporting of SLAs.

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Automate Jobs with Schedule

Automate the execution of tasks according to schedules or by other methods of execution, like event-based triggers. Job scheduling tools eliminate the need for manual kick-offs, thus reducing delays and giving your organization more time

for higher-value projects. Configure and set up jobs based on multiple parameters in a batch mode or on a specific event flagged in the system. Optimize spending on your computational resources by instructing the jobs to ‘run’ on low-demand time windows. This will reduce resource consumption and latency. You can also boost efficiency by keeping particular jobs in wait until an optimum volume that efficiently processes in a single window rather than addressing it piecemeal throughout the day.

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Version Control

In-built controls provided by Stackyon can help you manage and maintain module or process versions across different business applications. You can compare and analyze their impact before implementing changes to the next release.

Keep track of every modification, fix errors, and optimize the applications without disrupting the business. Our platform also allows you to track ‘commits’ or other changes done by individual contributors and prevent conflicting concurrent work.

Easily revert to previous versions just at the click of a button. Monitor the most important versions with in-built controls and facilitate a smooth and continuous flow of changes according to your business needs.

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Templated Components

Stackyon offers a wide range of templated components to design email formats, word, and PDF documents. You can choose from our growing library of such formats or customize the format on your own.

Various communication protocols, including SMS, fax, and voice calls, are configurable within Stackyon. It can be further appended to your workflow so that all the participants are well-connected and work collaboratively. 

Stackyon also offers easy integration with IoT and other connected devices. Start on your journey of leveraging low code and edge computing technologies for an unparalleled competitive advantage.

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Custom Scripting

Some platforms claim to be Zero or No Code Platforms. At Stackyon, we believe that while one can eliminate code for simple applications, it is not possible for complex ones. So, be wise while hearing the contrary.

Our robust configuration engine permits you to address up to 70% of most application requirements without using any code. Just use a simple drag-and-drop and click to achieve your objectives. However, in the case of complex logic or calculations, it is far more efficient to customize it with low code. 

Stackyon offers an easy and rapid way to introduce code into your application and solve complex business challenges.

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