Future-Proof Your Business With Seamless Legacy Modernization

Adapt to the rapidly evolving digital world and survive any technology obsolescence. Our low-code technology lets you replace outdated systems and introduce new applications.

Business challenges

Semi-Automated Processes

Older, clunky applications fail to adapt to the rapid demands of business, resulting in many manual or semi-automated processes.

Developer Shortage

With the fast technological evolution, more talent must be available for antiquated machines and development languages.

Security & Risks

Crucial security loopholes that are vulnerable to exploitation and system outages resulting in business downtime pose a significant operational risk.

Scalability & Stability

Legacy applications have reached their natural limits to volume scalability. In addition, the rising load puts immense pressure on system stability.

Information Craters

A lack of interfaces and integration mechanisms results in huge data islands and reduces data visibility across the organization.

Rising Costs

Clunky, outdated legacy systems consume a disproportionate amount of time and resources, leaving a significant cost impact.

Maximize your Savings and Efficiency with the Elixir of Business

Most enterprises endure high expenses on critical IT maintenance activities. Large organizations with legacy systems have dedicated personnel for coding and decoding complex applications every day. Consumed by this task, they cannot focus on the actual work they’ve been assigned, i.e., innovation & transformation. Apart from wasting valuable working hours, the organization spends millions of dollars unraveling legacy codes. As a result, IT maintenance costs consume a sizeable portion of any organization’s budget.

Protect your sunk investments and prevent future technical debt accumulation and obsolescence with low code development.

Stackyon’s Application Modernization Framework


Clearly define the business case from migration


Document all processes and dependencies

Ancillary Service Build

Ensure staff, technology, stakeholders, and program expectations are well aligned


Start small and build new ancillary services around the core platform

Module build & test

Identify low-risk modules, rebuild on a new platform, and text extensively


Final decommissioning of the old platform once the new platform has stabilized

Business Benefits

Innovation & Transformation

Enables you to shift focus and budgets from routine maintenance and upkeep to high-impact innovation and transformation projects.

Empowered Fusion Teams

Enables closer collaboration between technical and non-technical employees through a futuristic platform that helps them speak a common language.

Visibility & Transparency

Eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks with enterprise-wide automation. It allows you to hyper-integrate to highlight information black holes and data craters.

Improved Quality

Provide superior experiences and work product to internal and external customers with data and metrics-driven quality improvements

Scalability & Security

State-of-the-art architecture and security policies ensure a highly available, scalable, and secure environment.

Reduced Costs

Improving antiquated systems, eliminating redundant infrastructure, and optimizing resource utilization leads to significant cost savings.

Modernization of a Legacy Farm Management System

A large technology-enabled Hydroponic Farm required a scalable, data-driven decision platform to support its rapidly growing operations. Unfortunately, their in-house developed Farm Management System was proving to be a bottleneck in their growth aspirations.
Stackyon was approached to provide an easily replicable model to scale. As a result, our expert team gradually migrated the existing system to Stackyon to minimize business disruptions.