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Stackyon is where enterprises become future-ready

Translate your dreams and ideas into impactful business outcomes with reimagined software development solutions.

About us

Stackyon is a futuristic platform built with a vision to promote business evolution.

We’re a one-stop platform for enterprise application development, empowering businesses and developers with low-code technology to develop and integrate modern applications.

As the architects of an innovation-driven environment, we strive to accelerate your business growth and enhance your customer experience. Now eliminate legacy code and develop powerful applications with simplified processes and customized solutions.

Why Stackyon

Innovation and agility are crucial for any entrepreneur to adapt to rapid business evolutions and digital transformations. Stackyon keeps you ahead of these developments by serving value to every stakeholder of your organization.


Developers: Build, maintain, and manage powerful and complex applications with low code.

Achieve high performance and improve business outcomes with easy-to-maintain and future-ready software.


Partners: We have partnered with dedicated experts who lead the low-code technology domain with the right tools, resources, and proficiency.


We leverage our experience and knowledge

Bala Nemani

Bala is a core part of the founding team at Stackyon. An entrepreneurial spirit with over 30 years of experience, Bala’s experience in multiple domains spans across Information Technology, Engineering and Energy, with a strong focus on product development, IT 

innovation, and business strategy. As a serial entrepreneur who has started and led several companies, Bala has established various partnerships with seed-stage, mid-market, and enterprise companies. He is based in Tampa, FL, and is known for his extensive work in helping businesses cut costs and improve process efficiencies with emerging technologies for enterprise application development, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and wireless IoT solutions. He is passionate about giving back to the community and contributes actively through a multitude of programs, internally within his portfolio companies as well as through external associations.

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Ajit Manjappara

Over the past 30 years, Ajit has been a key member of the leadership team for large established organizations as well as small start-up companies. He has been involved in sales and marketing of consumer products as well as complex technical projects, and is well versed in meeting

 revenue in objectives through direct as well as indirect channels. He has deep exposure to multiple geographical regions. His experience includes co-founding and leading a technology startup in the US, transforming the internal IT function of a large multi-national bank to be a commercial provider of banking technology products in the African and Middle Eastern markets, launching one of the first e-commerce financial transaction platforms and developing and opening up the market for Small Office-Home Office computing in India. Ajit is based out of Atlanta, GA, and is passionate about launching, building, and leading high performing teams and companies. He leads by example and strongly believes in his personal motto – “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”.

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Ganna Vadlamaani

Ganna Vadlamaani leads implementations and delivery of strategic and impactful programs with a focus on business case management, business financials, P&L products and solutions, and market and stakeholder engagement.

Satya Tenneti

Satya Tenneti brings more than 13 years of experience in information technology and software development to the table and collaborates with small and medium-sized enterprises.


We leverage our experience and knowledge

Bala Nemani is the visionary leader behind the diverse and passionate team of Stackyon. He comes with years of on-field experience that showed him the challenges faced by various enterprises with legacy applications. Stackyon was envisioned to eliminate these gaps and foster innovation in businesses with our low-code application platform.

We bring extensive knowledge and a collective experience to the table to transform the way organizations develop, maintain, and configure new technology.

Bala Nemani


Are you passionate about creating the next significant innovation in enterprise-grade application?