Accelerate Innovation Through Low Code Application Development

Stackyon accelerates the digital transformation of your business. Imagine building software applications 10X faster with improved visual tools and designs.

Eliminate the Business Challenges

Cost of Software Development

Despite the latest programming framework, building applications is expensive and requires custom coding at all tiers.

Changing Requirements

Traditional development takes longer to deliver and constantly changes the requirements. This leads to wasted effort and throw-away code.

Business Technology Gaps

Gaps in understanding business requirements between business and technology teams often lead to rework and multiple iterations, thus affecting the time and cost of delivery.

Demand and Competition

With traditional application development, it is often slower to adapt to market demand and expectations.

Rigid Software Applications

With tightly coupled application tiers and enhancements over time, applications become unmanageable and often require a rewrite.

Skills Shortage

Traditional application development requires obsolete and expensive skills in database, UI /UX, and integration specialists.

Drive Digital Evolution with Super-Fast Application Development

Our intuitive drag-and-drop tools enable you to build applications by visually interpreting logic, business, and point-and-click process and data models. Use the unmatched power of Stackyon’s Enterprise Application Hub, architected around low-code technologies, to build full-stack applications much faster, starting from envisioning to implementation.

Explore Unprecedented Business Benefits

Visual Design and Development

Stackyon enables you to build applications with drag-and-drop design tools and effectively collaborate with businesses by leveraging a visual interpretation of logic and process.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates traditional software with existing applications using simplified tools for building and configuring APIs to push and pull data.

Full Stack Development

Build back-end scheduled processes and front-end applications with ease.

Scalable Architecture

The flexible architecture ensures that the applications are future-proof and easily scalable to accommodate future enhancements and process changes.

Built-In Security and Compliance

The core built on OWASP guidelines with static code scans and third-party penetration tests protects the application from all vulnerabilities.

Intuitive and Responsive Interface

With configurable design tools and drag-and-drop functionality, applications are easy to design and mobile-ready.

Featured Use Case

Vendor Management System

Large enterprises work with multiple vendors for various products and services, ranging from raw materials to software services and logistics providers. Therefore, managing different vendors and periodically evaluating the risks is crucial to the organization’s success. The Vendor Management application developed on the Stackyon platform provides rich functionality to manage vendors effectively, including:
  • Vendor onboarding/off-boarding with customizable processes
  • Risk reviews and documentation
  • Policy and governance
  • Automatic vendor scoring and rating based on KPIs
It is a fully configurable Vendor Management System built in less than four business weeks on the Stackyon platform that is customizable for business needs and processes.