Increase Flexibility And Output With Our Workflow Builders

Our functional workflow format facilitates synergy between business leaders and teams, employee engagement, and higher performance.

Business challenges

Manual Processes

Manual and semi-automated tasks, workflows, and processes limit the ability to measure, standardize and improve performance.

Employee Frustration

Routine, mind-numbing tasks related to day-to-day activities sap energy and morale, leading to frustration and low motivation.

Wasted Productivity

Having high-value employees work on lower-order routine tasks and 'keep the lights on' kind of work diverts time and attention from high-impact work.

Information Craters

Every manual task is a potential black hole for information. Data is mistakenly entered, misinterpreted, or just lost in any manual handoff.

Reduced Accountability

Manual interventions are highly error-prone and very subjective, making it difficult to identify, vet and rectify mistakes.

Rising Costs

Every manual intervention is a bottleneck leading to interaction friction. This invariably results in reduced efficiency and rising costs.

Visualize and Build with Stackyon

Our powerful visual workflow orchestration engine exercises logical steps for internal and external users. Define roles, drag-and-drop components, and steps before communicating with all workflow participants. Set up simple or highly complex business rules depending on whether you want a specific flow to be fully automated or whether it requires some intervention and vetting before initiating the next step. Achieve all this without having to write a single line of code.

Core Features

Organizational Roles & Users Configuration Definition

Pre-designed templates for complex organizational charts can be easily configured to define and designate user groups and individual users at an organizational, departmental, and functional level.

In addition, you can assign rights and permissions from an array of available pre-defined options.

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Visual Modelling and Workflow Orchestration

Setting up simple or highly complex workflows is as easy as drawing on a canvas. We assure you that if you can visualize it, you can build it. Use our powerful orchestration engine to drag and drop business and

communication components from the library and define your rules. Stackyon takes care of all the back-end logic without requiring you to write a single line of code.

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SLA Definition and Monitoring

One or two clicks is all it takes to define and set up service level agreements (SLAs). This can be done at every step of the hierarchy, from a task level to a process level, user level, team, and functional level. Use our powerful reporting tools to track and monitor

SLAs, identify bottlenecks, and optimize each step to achieve maximum efficiency that would not have been possible without the highly flexible and powerful configuration engine that Stackyon offers.

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Business Benefits

Eliminate Manual Processes

Quickly and efficiently set up simple or highly complex workflows depending on whether you want a specific step to be fully automated or whether you require validation separators before the next step.

Employee Motivation

Dedicate time and energy to high-value and high-impact activities and dramatically improve employees' contribution levels.

Improved Productivity

Do more in less time. Increase efficiency and effectiveness across every hierarchical level and boost productivity and morale indices.

Visibility & Transparency

Improve visibility and transparency across the enterprise to know who is doing what, how much is being done, and when it will be completed.

High Accountability

Ensure high team accountability with clearly defined plans, task definitions, SLA expectations, alert notifications, exception management, and reports.

Reduce Costs

Improve antiquated steps, eliminate redundant tasks, and optimize output with available resources and bandwidth, leading to significant cost savings.

Incident Monitoring, Tracking, and Resolution

A technology company wanted a solution wherein outages or service interruptions in the hardware or software could be quickly escalated to the duty engineer on call. Additionally, it needed the ability to alert multiple stakeholders through various channels depending on the severity and impact level of the service interruption. Finally, the top management wanted the resulting ticket to be tracked from initiation to resolution with detailed reports and an audit trail at every step of the workflow.


Stackyon built this solution in 2 business weeks with added functionality and a comprehensive set of reports for detailed root-cause analysis. It also generated an available repository for ‘optimum resolution guidelines’ that would be useful in future outage situations.