FAQs: Stackyon Low-Code Application Hub

General Questions:

  • Supports C# whereas other low-code applications have custom scripting languages
  • Stackyon supports both on-prem and cloud installations
  • Low cost and flexible pricing models
  • Custom data modelling
  • Event and rules-based routing and SLA monitoring
  • Sequential, conditional and recursive business process execution
  • Schedulable business process execution
Yes. Stackyon can integrate with applications and data sources hosted in multiple tenants through API, file transfer or direct connection.
For simple application development, a basic understanding of data models and application interfaces is required. Our team provides necessary training, support and guidance for building custom applications. For more complex applications like external integrations, understanding of APIs and API security along with data formats like JSON and XML is required.
Few hours to a couple of weeks depending on background/ skills & the complexity of application to be built. We also provide training for building applications.
Any enterprise application can be built on Stackyon platform using available integration modules. Below are ideal applications that can be built on Stackyon platform 
  • Process centric
  • Needs to adapt to changing needs of businesses
  • Demand for speed to market
  • Concept-to-production apps
  • Stackyon provides an OS independent in-browser compiler for developers which will take care of the code compilation on the server side. Developers need not to install any specific software for running their code.
    These are the hosting options available
  • In our AWS cloud with dedicated infrastructure for both server and database.
  • In our AWS cloud with shared infrastructure and dedicated database with physical data separation
  • In your cloud (AWS/ Azure/ Google)
  • On-prem in your data center
  • Integration:

    Stackyon can integrate with existing systems through REST, SOAP, file exchange or direct connection.
    Stackyon can be integrated with any other service that has Rest/SOAP APIs

    Scalability & performance:

    The Stackyon architecture supports highly scalable applications with kafka backend clusters and front end server load balancing. Since it uses configuration based UI and rules engine driven by database along with best practices for UI/UX, the performance is faster and responsive than a typical application
    The Stackyon architecture supports highly scalable applications with Kafka backend clusters and front-end server load balancing. Since it uses configuration-based UI and rules engine, driven by database along with best practices for UI/UX, the performance is faster and responsive than typical application


    Stackyon follows OWASP guides from security perspective and has the following features in place for a robust security model
    • Multi Factor Authentication and Risk Based Authentication
    • Data encryption during transportation and rest. TLS 1.2 with SSL cert (SHA256) for data in motion. AES 256 encryption for data at rest.
    • Granular role-based security model which allows application to have only the necessary levels of access for users to perform their tasks effectively
    • End to end auditing in db logs
    Yes Stackyon platform allows administrators to create IAM accounts for those who involve in application development and administration.
    Yes, Stackyon supports single sign-on with SAML 2.0 standard. Clients have options of IP initiated, SP initiated or both.