Low-Code Solutions For Multiple Use Cases

Leverage our software solutions to transform ideas into complex applications with ease. We empower businesses with speed, automation, and efficiency.

Business challenges

Developer Shortage

Businesses face difficulty hiring and retaining quality resources due to an acute shortage of skilled developers.

Manual Process

As traditional development takes a long time to deliver, it often leads to changes in requirements and wasted efforts.

Software Limits

Generating software through code is expensive, time-consuming, and inflexible to changes.

Project Backlog

Increasing demands from business users result in an ever-increasing backlog of IT projects.

Speed & Adaptability

More demanding customers and intense competitive pressures make it imperative to be quick and agile.

Rising Costs

Sustainability concerns and greater scrutiny from society and other stakeholders compel businesses to do more with less.

Rationalize Application Landscape

Visual analytics and reporting tools for near real-time information on business and operational health.

Integrate Applications
Enterprise Wide

Eliminate data silos and ensure transparency and visibility across the enterprise.

Modernize Legacy Applications

Rebuild legacy applications, function by function, without disrupting business. Rejuvenate application investments In weeks rather than months.

Powerful Workflow & Process Automation

A visual and collaborative model for stringing together logical steps and connecting internal and external users.

New Application Development

Drag & Drop, Point & Click. Build new applications up to 10X faster

Customize Existing Applications

Configure new processes or change the existing ones without touching the core application at 20X faster speed.

Use Cases

By Industry

Higher Education

Improve your students' educational experiences with impeccable content delivery on both mobile and desktop. In addition, save costs and time by transforming your digital operations such as enrolment, payment tracking, evaluation, etc.


Elevate the processes conducted in insurance with digitization and automation. Stackyon offers centralized solutions that can be customized as per the needs of the insurer, intermediaries, and insured.


Build productive interactions with citizens through citizen portals and achieve high efficiency. Stackyon helps you integrate your operations with better IT infrastructure and fast-track your operations.

Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Empowered Fusion Teams

Enable closer collaboration between technical and non-technical employees through a platform that helps them speak a common language.

Visibility & Transparency

Eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks with enterprise-wide automation. Hyper-integrate to shine the light on information black holes and data craters.

Improved Quality

Provide superior experiences and work products to internal and external customers with data and metrics-driven quality improvements.

Innovation & Transformation

Enables you to shift focus and budgets, from routine maintenance and upkeep to high-impact innovation and transformation projects.

Increased Speed

Accelerated speed of application development by 5X-10X than otherwise achieved through antiquated development tools.

Reduced Costs

Realize 3X savings in application development and maintenance costs over traditional software development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Supports C# whereas other low-code applications have custom scripting languages
  • Stackyon supports both on-prem and cloud installations
  • Low cost and flexible pricing models
  • Custom data modelling
  • Event and rules-based routing and SLA monitoring
  • Sequential, conditional and recursive business process execution
  • Schedulable business process execution
Yes. Stackyon can integrate with applications and data sources hosted in multiple tenants through API, file transfer or direct connection.
For simple application development, a basic understanding of data models and application interfaces is required. Basic understanding of data models and application interfaces. Our team provides necessary training, support and guidance for building the custom applications. For more complex applications like external integrations, understanding of APIs and API security along with data formats like JSON and XML is required.
Few hours to a couple of weeks depending on background/ skills & the complexity of application to be built. We also provide training for building