Swift Business Applications Development While Tackling Complex Business Logic

Centralize your application logic with Stackyon to accelerate change cycles, reduce error risk, and, most importantly, standardize or customize processes according to your needs.

Exercise your Business Logic Across Applications

In a traditional web application architecture, business logic is compiled at the backend or database level, making it difficult to extend and maintain. Furthermore, custom-coded logic is specific to each application that consumes it.

But, Stackyon’s powerful Business Rules Engine is highly flexible and adaptable, enabling users to define and execute simple or complex business rules without writing any code.

Now eliminate human bias, inconsistencies, and confusion, and accelerate your business processes. With Stackyon’s centralized repository, you can create a business rule and later reuse that component across applications. Set up connections with external data sources, leverage internal data, establish a single source of truth, build automated decisions and quickly adapt to changing requirements in an intuitive and simple interface.

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Build your Business Logic Visually

Execute ad customize your application business logic with Stackyon’s point-and-click / drag-and-drop interface. It enables you to visually model all your rules, calculations, conditions, validations, and error settings.
You can utilize our simple and intuitive interface to manage the following:
  • Flows – Define connections among elements
  • Events – Start and end points of each microflow
  • Parameters – Input data that serves each microflow
  • Decisions – Choices and direction of the process paths
  • Activities – Actions performed in the microflows
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    Set Up Workflows with Data Source Maneuvering

    Use custom business rules to validate incoming requests, leveraging logic functions like IF, AND/OR statements. These custom rules can be applied across the application while configuring services, rules, and templates. Set up page layouts for a workflow without any business layer or data access layer.

    Even Prestaging rules can be configured and applied to incoming requests before they are ingested into the workflow for field updation or calculations on the available data. Customize complex logic according to the workflows using microservices or code snippets built with our in-browser editor or DLL uploads.

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    Reuse Business Logic

    It is easy to describe business logic but tough to build and maintain it. Stackyon allows implementations and logic to be reused on the web, mobile, and other applications. Our rich object models promote business logic reuse and enhance integrity, agility, and time-to-market across applications.

    Use Stackyon APIs to integrate any external application to receive data updates or run the processes on the external application. Interweave business logic and UI so you can share logic for your users across multiple applications.

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    Run your Logic Asynchronously and Process Parallelly

    Are input/output operations, database queries, or network requests blocking your execution threads? Is the wait getting longer after clicking a button for processing routines? Stackyon is powered with programming models to run your logic asynchronously and in a parallel processing mode.

    Concurrency and low latency are essential for today’s business applications. Stackyon’s async generators and iterators create multiple instances that can run concurrently. Our robust Jobs Scheduler and Batch Enablers further expand your capabilities to optimize resource utilization.

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    Rectify Mistakes with Error Handlers

    Sometimes actions initiated by the logic pattern may yield incorrect results. But, our error handling system alerts users so they can rectify the errors. These are pre-defined error handlers installed at a step or field level. Field-level properties define default values and custom error messages.

    Stackyon automatically completes the indicated actions or alarms the users in case of an error. Users may choose to revoke or ignore the steps leading to the error. Revoked actions enable associated elements to return to their original state. Anticipate, detect and resolve errors at a Parent or Child Flow level with these handlers.

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    Define Validations

    Obtain specific data from your users with defined validations on the form. Easily configure the parts you want to expose or conceal based on user inputs. Permit a detailed control of data flow and logic using our field properties, default values, custom error message configurations, and tool tips. It enables you to identify and resolve issues quickly.

    For each validation message, you can append actions and decisions according to the defined business logic. It sends immediate pop-up alerts that notify you if the input data or format does not meet your expectations. Catch errors at the source and dramatically reduce re-work and debugging of the logic and the input data.

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