Enhanced Efficiency With The Power Of Low-Code Intelligence Automation

Make decisions rapidly as we provide real-time insights. Explore our built-in reporting widgets, integrated custom tools and machine learning platforms.

A Tech Ecosystem Built for Seamless Integration

Businesses have widely varying reporting requirements. Some may use enterprise apps like SAP, and Salesforce, while others may prefer Tableau, QlikView, and Power BI for their reporting requirements.

Stackyon operates on these applications and offers seamless integration. The end goal, irrespective of the landscape, is to generate insights without disrupting the existing workflows. Enterprises can integrate Stackyon with any BI tool and Machine Learning platform. It is equipped with pre-built templates, reporting/charting widgets, and components required for Machine Learning applications. Business users can also customize their reports on Stackyon.

Leverage insights based on end-user interactions and application usage to get a holistic view of behavioral metrics that can drive business outcomes. We also equip you with daily operational metrics, group and user loads, and SLA analysis of the applications to monitor infrastructure, technology performance, and business activity. Internal monitoring and analytics tools and the ability to predict the future performance of the application ecosystem are essential to ensure stability in defined processes.

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Real-Time Visibility

Measure, monitor, and analyze your processes, systems, and business functions to improve performance. With Stackyon, users can access real-time visibility into enterprise data for rapid decision-making.

Discover the best practice KPIs and out-of-the-box dashboards, pre-defined or customized, to quickly analyze business operations. Optimize resource allocation, monitor application performance, track response times, and measure process and health metrics in near real-time. Get more than just sneak peeks into the business and application landscape with Stackyon.
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Rapid Decision Support

With our software, you can move your data seamlessly into any BI tool and Machine Learning platform. Now, it’s possible to extract insights and the hidden potential of your structured and unstructured data with pre-built visualizations and charts.

The platform allows users to integrate popular BI and analytics platforms like Tableau, Power BI, MicroStrategy, SAS, and others. Visualize your business operations dashboards like user logs and application response times easily to help your production support personnel create the application landscape.
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Reporting Widgets

Stackyon facilitates citizen developers with many out-of-the-box reporting widgets that can be easily customized. A few in-built features that enable effective dashboards creation in Stackyon include
  • Wide variety of charting widgets
  • Data aggregation enabled by a visual interface
  • A robust library of charts, reports, and business operation metrics
  • Open architecture to allow HTML/CSS/JavaScript charting and reporting widgets
  • Get access to multiple business reporting tools with visual design and exposure to SOAP/XML web services. Now developers can maximize the quality of insights needed as Stackyon wipes out technical complexity.
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    End-User Behaviour Monitoring

    Deliver unique customer experiences by analyzing end-user journeys through the application landscape. Document user interactions, understand the UI elements of the most navigated fields, and determine the updating time for users to address challenges in their journey.

    Analyze user abandon rates and where the user dropped off the funnel with Stackyon. Derive more insights, such as application response time and historical comparisons of user interactions, to craft and improve UI elements for the future.

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    Application Performance Management

    Stackyon has a pre-built performance monitoring dashboard to capture and present the execution time of all queries, screen renderings, schedulers, and invocations to adapters, asynchronous tracking of external services, or custom API. Obtain valuable tuning and optimized information with performance reports.

    Stackyon also enables deeper analysis of server response time for reporting slow queries, integration responsiveness, and more.

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    SLA Definitions and Monitoring

    Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be challenging to measure, report and meet. However, with Stackyon, you can easily configure and change them on other available platforms.

    Our robust Configuration Engine permits effortless definition, tracking, monitoring, and reporting of SLAs. 

    You can define and set SLAs at task, individual, and process levels. Once defined, it is easy to roll SLAs to teams, functions, and organizational levels. 

    Notify your stakeholders of upcoming events and deadlines by easily setting up alerts and notifications. Configure simple rules to ensure that slippages and bottlenecks are easily identified and resolved through real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities.

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