Swift API Development With Our Low-Code API Builder

Our simple UI-based process makes it possible to expose pre-built APIs with just a few clicks and little technical expertise.

Build Applications Faster and Experience Limitless Extensibility

Experience limitless extensibility with speed promised by visual development. Simple APIs can be created in minutes, not hours, thus creating business value faster.

Web APIs in REST/JSON or SOAP can be easily consumed and mapped with data models on Stackyon. It grants developers access to a library of building blocks (Messaging, Scheduling, Authentication, Data analysis, and many more) and custom extensions. 

Stackyon’s visual development platform enables business users and developers to build applications faster. You can simplify communication between your applications, ensure cost savings by adding new functionalities quickly and focus on innovative customer experiences without worrying about extensive coding.

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Visual Configuration Real-Time APIs

Stackyon’s visual tool helps build your APIs and gateways to consume reusable microservices with simple forms, actions and a drag-and-drop interface. Business users can easily authenticate integrations through a central administration

interface without writing lengthy and complex codes. Instantly push data to endpoints, ranging from actual endpoints of an API to external businesses or end users. 

With Stackyon, you can easily support high-performance API connectivity and rich APIs. No matter how nested it may be in the document, sorting and filtering by any field is easy with the visual interface.

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Data Mapping

Easy to configure and use, our Data Mapper layer separates in-memory objects from the database and transfers the data from one to the other while isolating them. Define the data along with the table, the fields between them, and the formats as ‘move’.

Stackyon’s intuitive data mapping tool is designed to auto-capture the data elements while uploading the sample files. Even PDF files can be scanned with our built-in OCR capabilities to extract the structure and data for mapping them with in-memory objects.

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Service Consumption

Stackyon automatically defines applicable attributes and message structures to simplify REST API creation and web services consumption. Using JSON or WSDL, users can map the incoming message responses from the API. Once the mapping is over, microflow actions allow users to call the desired service from the logic layer.

The response is automatically processed into your application to ease service consumption.

Stackyon generates absolute control and flexibility while consuming web services through the following:

  • Proxies – Define proxy settings as per your application functionality and override as per the service call.
  • Timeouts – Describe the actions to be performed in case of an unresponsive service.
  • Authentication – Use different ways of providing credentials for external services.
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Service Exposure

Leverage Stackyon to publish discoverable endpoints for your services and expose an API via the Swagger definition with a single click as OData. The publish functionality on Stackyon follows the standard approach by OpenAPI, where you can effortlessly define the resources and operations.

Exercise complete control on the REST API as you define resources, operations and messages. Every REST API you implement with Stackyon is enabled by an OpenAPI document describing the methods and resources provided by your API. Include anything ranging from documentation to message values in the OpenAPI documentation. Creating a web service is as simple as selecting the publish operation, enabling the display of the converted input and output messages.
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Synchronous/ Asynchronous Capabilities

Return data for requests either immediately or later. Stackyon’s synchronous and asynchronous APIs grant immediate and scheduled requests for resources, data or services when available. Switch to the synchronous mode when data availability, resources and connectivity are high and low latency is a requirement.

On the other hand, switch to the asynchronous mode when data or service availability and connectivity are low. Optimize resource utilization by maintaining functionality in an application rather than tying up resources waiting on a request

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Batch Import/ Export

Extend the capabilities of existing applications or break down barriers/silos between enterprise applications. You can load data directly into the platform and perform data transformations via SOAP, XML etc.

Stackyon also enables the integration of transfer protocols like REST, Webhooks, SOAP, SFTP Push/Pull and S3 buckets. Export and import data at a larger scale by specifying the initialization from the source database to the destination database. With REST or Web Services, you can extract and transform the data. Custom scheduling, data mapping, configurable retry and watchlist or alert support are additional features provided by Stackyon.
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