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Build bridges and break walls. Does information within your company exist in discrete and separate siloes? Break down barriers….. Have data and information flow smoothly within your company and unleash your power to grow and scale.


Take the XProc Challenge. We will demonstrate how quickly you can build or change a broken or inefficient business process… in just 48 hours! We’re so confident we can fix your process challenges quickly, we’ll demonstrate a POC, free for qualified requirements.

  • Tell us about the business case you want to solve
  • Please tell us as much information as you can in the form provided. We will contact you if we need more information
  • If you qualify we will show you a Proof-of-Concept within 48 hours


Mature organizations are running a never-ending race to meet the demands for new application development to meet the growing needs of the business trying to keep pace with ever-changing customer demands, whilst at the same time trying to improve operational efficiencies through automating manual processes and improve collaboration and efficiency within the organization. This results in a growing backlog of IT projects, leading to frustration and a loss of morale within the IT staff and the business community. IT can no longer do it alone. Something has to change. But what?

The challenge is to enlist the help of the business users who have little or no coding experience, to leverage their knowledge of the business and their needs and to provide them with tools that have been approved by the IT department to build and deploy applications that help them meet their specific needs without diverting valuable IT resources towards these projects.


XProc is a Low Code Application Development Framework that supports rapid application development, deployment, execution and management using drag-and-drop technology and providing users with powerful and intuitive configuration capabilities to define the steps in the process and to define appropriate rules, service level agreements and set up notifications and alerts. More importantly, it does this by permitting business users to create these applications at a fraction of the time compared to conventional application platforms. It helps extend the capabilities of every asset you possess within your organization, whether it’s people, processes or existing application infrastructure.


  • Easily adapt to a rapidly changing business environment
  • Significantly lower development and deployment costs
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by automating processes that are currently manual
  • Higher returns on investment (ROI) by extending and leveraging existing resources rather than replacing them
  • Strategic use of technology and tools to create the maximum impact in the least possible time
  • Free up time demands on valuable IT resources by de-linking higher priority customer facing development from internal facing productivity and maintenance development

Take our 48hrs challenge