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Stackyon Overview

Stackyon is an enterprise application hub built using low-code technologies. It helps build solutions that can be created using 70 – 80% configuration instead of coding every aspect of your application.

Following are the components of Stackyon platform which will help you build solutions and allow the consumers of the application to access it.

Dev Studio: As the name suggests, this is a web based application for developers/administrators to build solutions on top of Stackyon platform. More

Admin Portal: Once the applications are built, Admin Portal will help the actual users of the application to access their respective data. Admin Portal allows the user to see Organization-wide data that they are allowed to see. Users can be access all their pending queues (requests that are waiting to be acted upon), archived data and reports etc.

Customer Portal: Customer Portal is a web based application which is dedicated to end users (customers of Stackyon customers). Users will be able to see only the data that is related to them. This site provides only a minimal view for the entire users to access their respective data. This application also allows the end users to initiate new requests that are allowed by the Administrators.

Stackyon Mobile App: Stackyon mobile app helps the end users to access their data from their mobile devices. This provides the same data that is provided by the Customer Portal.

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