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When your plumbing breaks, you don’t wait months or years for a fix. Why compromise with your business applications?


Take the XProc Challenge. We’ll demonstrate how quickly you can build or change a broken or inefficient business process… in just 48 hours! We’re so confident we can fix your process challenges quickly, we’ll demonstrate a POC, free for qualified requirements.

  • Tell us about the business case you want to solve
  • Please tell us as much information as you can in the form provided. We’ll contact you if we need more information
  • If you qualify
  • We’ll show you a Proof-of-Concept within 48 hours


Organizations spend millions of dollars in buying off-the-shelf products and undertaking expensive customization and business process reengineering initiatives. Or, they make a strategic decision to ground-up build their own applications and hire an army of developers to maintain and enhance these applications over many years to suit their specific needs. But, whether you build or buy, what happens when needs evolve and change as they invariably do? How quickly can you pivot and respond?


XProc is a Low Code Application Development Framework that helps you quickly and efficiently build and deploy your applications by enabling even business users to make changes on-the-fly. It gives you incredible power in your ability to build, add, delete and customize every aspect of service delivery from the most simple to highly complex scenarios. It helps to extend the capabilities of every asset you possess within your organization, whether it’s people, processes or existing technology assets.


  • Easily adapt to a rapidly changing business environment
  • Significantly lower development and deployment costs
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by automating processes that are currently manual
  • Higher returns on investment (ROI) by extending and leveraging existing resources rather than replacing them
  • Strategic use of technology and tools to create the maximum impact in the least possible time
  • Free up time demands on valuable IT resources by de-linking higher priority customer facing development from internal facing productivity and maintenance development

Take our 48hrs challenge